Florida 2 Update – Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Update

Every Year Google Changed Their Algorithm Updates So User Can Find The Best Information Based On Their Query or Keywords Which She/He Fill in Google Search. Google Latest Update on March 12th Florida 2 Update Which is Confirm Broad Core Algorithm Update.

What does Google say about Florida 2 Update Broad Core Algorithm.

If you Follow Google SearchLiaison On Twitter Sullivan via Tweet Regarding to this Update on 12 March. have A look At Bottom Images.

Florida 2 Update
Florida 2 update

Some SEO Guru’s Say That’s Ignore This Algorithm Update. But Do You Know That its Not Only Algorithm Update it Is Google Broad Core Update Which Impact Your Website High If you Ignore Florida 2 Update.

What Is The Florida Update Algorithm

Here I am Not Talking About Florida 2 Update. if you Want to Become a SEO Expert Then you need to Know All Confirm Google Algorithm Updates. Do You Know What is The Florida Update

Florida Update – Google Algorithmic Update

Florida Update Was Released 16th November 2003 Which Affect Very Hard and High To All The websites which Are Related to E-Commerce Websites, Product Affiliates Niche.

So Now You have Some Idea About Florida Update And its Impact Only On E-Commerce and Affiliate Niches.

Why was Florida released?

Florida Update Released Because Of There are So many Website Which are Related to E-Commerce and Affiliate. These Types of Websites Position Number One On Google With by putting in keywords in the external links as anchor texts.

So Florida hit Only Those websites Which Make Spammed External links With Putting Keywords as Anchor Texts for Making Keyword Rich Anchor Texts Links.

After Read All The Above Information Now You Have better understanding Of Florida Update and which Niche Type This Algorithm Impact. So Now We Are Talking About Florida 2 Update Which is Google Confirms Broad Core Update 12 March 2019

What is Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google Changed Algorithm at least twice per day, According to this 600 to 700 updates a year. But All of These Algorithms Updates Not Huge Impact on Website Ranking.

But According to Broad Core Algorithm Update you need to Take Care About This Florida 2 broad Core Algorithm Update.

Broad Core Algorithm Update Brings along with it major changes in the way Google sees websites, and this will inadvertently cause heavy fluctuations in the organic ranking of websites on Google search.

What is Florida 2 Update

If you Know Florida Update Which Released 2003, 16-November and Already Let You Know All About Florida Update. SEO Experts Also Say’s its Florida 1 Update. After That Now In Florida Update in Simple Words, the Florida 2 update has no connection with its predecessor.

Why name it Florida 2 Update?

Google doesn’t give any name to its algorithm updates. Florida 2 update was given by Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld and there is a reason for this! Going back to history, Florida 1 was rolled out around a PubCon event that happened in Florida in 2003. Since the 2019 edition of PubCon Florida event concluded just a week back, Tabke thought there is no better name that Florida 2 update.

Who Impacted by the Florida 2 Algorithm Update?

Do You Know That What is broad Core Update and I Already tell you That Florida update hit Affiliate And E-commerce Sites. But Now Broad Core Update Florida 2 Does Not Impact To Any Niche.

In Simple Words, Florida 2 isn’t targeting a specific niche or vertical, which means the entire search community needs to be paying attention as we try to better understand the changes Google is making to its search algorithm.

How To Safe your Site From Latest Google Updates?

Now The Question Is That How To Safe and Secure website From Latest Google Updates, if you are not Doing Spamming or Wrong way To Get Ranked In google Then you Don’t Need to Do Anything because When new Algorithm Change or Update Then Ranking fluctuations is Normal.

if you Think That After Florida 2 Update your Ranking Down Or fluctuate and You Are follow All The Guidelines By Google Then Take Rest After Some Time Your Ranking Will be Increase.

Here are a few tips to improve your website’s

  • Focus on Quality content and page speed of Your website.
  • Add Author Byline to All Blog Posts
  • Focus on the quality of back-links than quantity
  • Secure your site with HTTPS
  • Displaying accurate date and time using structured data
  • Remove Scraped/Duplicate Content

Can i Need to Fix Anything For Florida 2 Update

So My Answer is No. because its Broad Core Algorithm Update and Broad core updates don’t target websites, niches, or qualities. that’s why Google has said that in broad core updates, there’s nothing to fix.

Broad core updates are improvement to Google’s overall algorithm for the aim of higher understanding of search queries and Webpages.

Google is targeting low page quality or niches. So Focus on Your Content and Linking Sites To your Post or Webpage.

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