Best seo settings in wordpress for increase Your ranking

Setup and Build a WordPress website or blog is easy but WordPress Seo Is not. So if you are new to blogging then This post will Definitely help you to Do Seo For Your Fresh WordPress website. Best seo settings in wordpress for increase Your ranking


In This Post, I will Show you the most important Seo Setting in WordPress. So Step by step Follow all the Guidelines in This Article. 

1. Good web hosting Provider 

So if you are not Setting up your WordPress blog yet then you need to know which are The Top 10 Best hosting providers in 2019. How to Choose a Good web hosting. Because Web hosting Help to secure your website and Help to increase your ranking. Because if your web hosting service providers  Provides 99.9% uptime and Fast Speedy loading time then your Website loves by your Visitors and Google Search Engine.

I suggest you to always buy web hosting from top Hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground or Hostgator and Hostinger and A2 Hosting. These Are The Top Hosting providers With Great Uptime, load Speed and Support and Cost.

2. Discourage Search Engine From Indexing 

After installation of your WordPress website the first things to keep in mind that Discourage your blog or website from Search Engine indexing Because Your website doesn’t have Content anymore or you are not ready your website yet.

This Is Pretty Simple to Do Just Click On Setting button then Click on Reading Then you Find Area Look Like Bottom Image.

Just Click this option And Save Changes if your complete website is ready you Install theme or Doing All The Settings for your website then you can uncheck this box Because now you need to Search engine Index your website and Post or Pages.

3. Default permalinks structure

When you are Just Install your WordPress website Permalink Structure should look like bottom Image Which is not Seo Friendly permalink. 

Change it To Post name Now in this Image Month and name Selected change it I Check Postname Then Save Changes.

4. Install an .xml sitemap plugin

Creating Sitemap For your website is Very important because you need to Index your website or post, images or videos Which you Upload on your website So That’s Are Indexing fast In Google. 

This, We just need to Create a .xml File all the Content of Like the post and Images videos etc. And Submit to Google webmaster tool or Google Search Console So Search engine Index fast our website. 

There are so many plugins to Create sitemaps But I Suggest you Use Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin.

5. Install an SEO plugin

For Doing On page SEO of your website or post and Pages you need to install Any Seo Plugin. There are So many Plugins In The WordPress Official library but I Suggest you use All in One Seo or Yoast Seo plugin. These are The Two Best Seo plugins in the Market.

But if you afford Some Budget then I suggest you use Squirrly SEO plugin – Advanced WordPress and WooCommerce for NON-SEOs.

6. Use a caching plugin to speed up your website

Caching plugin in Must for Your WordPress blog. because caching Plugin Help to speed up your website and Second Its help to Reduce the Server Load.

You can Use W3 Total Cache or Wp Super Cache For your blogs These two Are The best Caching plugins. 

More More important WordPress SEO settings.

  • Use a CDN to boost your site’s performance
  • Block spam comments
  • While writing new ones, link to your old posts
  • Link to the special content more within your site
  • Disable author archives in single-author blogs
  • Optimize the images on your site
  • Integrate Social Media sharing buttons
  • Fix broken links on your blog
  • Limit URL lengths
  • Canonical
  • Comment optimization

If you need to Learn More about WordPress Seo Then Please Read This Complete Yoast WordPress SEO Guide. Read This Complete Guide many And many Time so You understand All about WordPress SEO.

Want to Follow Google Webmaster Seo Optimization Guidelines then Read this Complete Google Webmaster Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

if you Find that this post is informational for you then hit the Share button And Share this post on social media. and Do you have your Own Seo Methods or Tips that You follow then Please lets Comments and Discuss about That’s.


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