How to Recover from Google Panda Penalty

Google Panda is An Algorithm Founded Feb 24, 2011. In My Last Article Where I was cover All the major 11 Google Algorithm Updates And Their History, Changes, and Explanation. If You Are New To Blogging Or Digital Marketing And you don’t Know what is Google Panda and How Its Work. So Don’t worry After reading This Complete Article you Should Understand About Google Panda and How to Recover your website If Hit By Google Panda Algorithm.

Recover from Google Panda Penalty

So Lets Start I Will cover all The Detail Information About Google Panda Algorithm And How your Recover Your website if Hit By Google Panda.

What Is Google Panda Algorithm 

Google Panda Algorithm Was Found Feb 24, 2011. Which is used to Filter Low-Quality websites? Google Panda used To Find Low-Quality Websites For Example websites With Thin Content, Duplicate Content, Spammy sites Much More I will Cover All About Panda Algorithm Updates Keep Reading this Post.

In Simple Words, We Can Say That Google Panda is An Algorithm Which is Used to Find And De-rank Sites with Low-Quality Content.

Google Panda Algorithm Updates 

Google Panda Algorithm Latest Updates Are In Following lines. And I Try to cover Step by step All That Algorithm. You need to Understand That’s Algorithms And Make your Website Panda Friendly And Safe Your website From Panda Effect or Penalty.

These Are The Following Factor Or Reason Why Google Panda Effect your site.

  • Duplicate content
  • Plagiarism
  • Thin content
  • User-generated spam
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Poor user experience
  • Too many advertisements Or Affiliate link
  • Poor grammar
  • Slow site loading time
  • SEO over-optimization (Black hat SEO)
  • Too many broken links (404 links)

How to find out if the Google Panda affected your website?

If you don’t Know panda Hit your website or Not.Then Simple Easy to to find That You have to use Any Seo Tool Or Free Tool Like Google Webmaster.If you want to Use Semrush Then Its help you a lot to Recover your website And Also help You to Doing On page SEO and Off-page Seo of your Site.If you want to use Semrush then Signup Now and Get Free Trial. You can Use Semrush for 7 Days For Free.if you Don’t want to use Then Second Way to Find Is Google webmaster tool or Google Analytics Tool.Check traffic Graph of your website if Graph Decreased Suddenly That’s Means Panda Hit your website. Or Third Way to Find Google Penalty Is Google Webmaster tool Go to your Google Webmaster tool And Then Click on > Search Traffic And Then Click On Manual Action Tab.

If Google takes Any Manual Action With your Websites Then you will Find All The Information Related to Website Issue which is Related to security or error or Google Penalty.

Here In this Pic, No Issues Detected that’s Means No Issue Found. If your website has Then Fix Them.

How to Safe or Recover Website From Panda if Hit, Effect Or Penalty.

Let’s Begin And We are Cover These All Factor Step by step And How to safe yourself From Google Panda Effect.

Check Duplicate Content On your Website: Panda Algorithm Very Strict About Duplicate Content. If your Site Have Duplicate Content then Complete Audit Your website And check If you Have Duplicate Then fix them Via 301 permanent Redirect or canonical Tags. And No Index to Duplicate Post via Robots.txt file. If you don’t Know How to Check duplicate Content Then You can use WordPress Plugin Or Online free tool For Check Like Siteliner.

So that is The Simple way to check Duplicate content On your website. If you Site Hit by Google Panda Then Check duplicate Content And Fix All The Duplicate Content. And If your Website Safe Now and Don’t hit by Panda Then Also Take A look To Duplicate Content Issue On your So Panda Not effect Your website.

Check for Plagiarism Or Copied Content: Check Your website Plagiarism Or Not.Because External Duplicate Content is also A Big issue Which Can Affect your site ranking.In the Above I tell you Duplicate Content Which is Related to your Own Website content Which you post on your site.But Plagiarism Means to Say External Copied Content.For Example you post article On your website From Copy content from Another websites.or Another Website Owner Copy Your content.

So lets Start And if your Website Hit by Google Then Do Complete Analysis on plagiarism Content And Fix All the copy Content or Remove It from your website with Google Webmaster Remove URLs option.

you can Check duplicate Content Via Online Free Tools Search plagiarism Check online you get all the Website which provide free Plagiarism Check tool. But I Suggest you use Copyscape. Fill your website Address to it.

Check Thin content: Most of New Blogger Doing this mistakes and They Post only 200 words to 300 words Article with an Image.Then publish Article.This type of Post Are Thin Content-based post that’s Means No Words And meaning In Article.Google Panda Hit All of website Which are Not Properly write Article With Up to 500 words. I Suggest you to Write Article Up to 800 words And If you write More Then That’s Better For you. So If you Check your Post Which Are Thin Content And These post are De- Rank In Google Search Then Find Those Post and Write valuable Information to The Post And write Well Written 800 Words Articles.

User-generated spam: User Generated spam Mean Google Detect Spam Which Is doing via Your website visitors which is Like Blog Commenting, Spammy Forum Thread Etc.If you Want to Know more user Generated Spam Then Read this Complete Post-User-generated spam.

Keyword stuffing: In My last Seo Tutorial I was Already Cover Detail Video About Keyword Stuffing. keyword Stuffing means to Say Over Optimized Your Article With use keywords Again And Again in the article. So You Need To Understand That How Many Time you Need to Putt Keywords in Your Article.It is depend On the Article Words Length.If you are Watching complete Seo Training video Series Then I hope you know How to fix Keyword Stuffing Issue.

Poor user experience: Poor user experience is an Also A big issue which Help panda To Hit your website.Poor user Experience means to Say Website with Poor Design And User Not Find All the Information Clearly.This Type Of Error Cause User Experience Issues.Try To fix your website Design Doing Clean navigation so user Easy To going One Point to Another Point On website.If you need to Know more About poor User Experience Then Read This Complete Post.

Too many advertisements Or Affiliate link: If Your website Have Too Many Google Ads On Home Page or Post then This Type Of websites Hit by Google Panda Because google panda think That this website is Create only For revenue Not Helping Information for peoples. So Try to Fewer Ads Placements in Your Website.

If you are using affiliate Link on your website then Always Set Nofollow tags for Affiliate link because Affiliate Links No help you to in Seo Ranking.

Poor grammar: Google Panda hat Poor Written Article.if you have Grammarly mistakes Then fix Them Via online Free Tool Or use Grammarly. This is Awesome tool which helps you to fix Your Grammar Mistakes.

Slow site loading time: If your website Take Too Much Load To Open In Browser Then your Website visitor Don’t Like your website. And They Close your website if it’s Not Open fast in Google. So Need To check your website Complete Speed Text With Gtmetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights.

Too many broken links (404 links): Check your website broken Links and Fix Them immediately Because Google panda Does not Like Website With too many Broken Links. Try to Permanent Redirect or Fix Broken Links.

Google Panda Recovery Complete Video Tutorial

Watch Step by step Complete Guide That How to Recover your Website from Google Panda Penalty.

So At the End of This Post If you Are follow All The Guidelines Which I Covered Above Then I Hope that your Website Safe from Google Panda Algorithm. if you Think That This Post Information For you then Spread this Article all Around the Web. Share Post With your friends On Social Media Platforms. If you Have your own Personal experience with Google Panda Recovery Then Comment Here And We Will Discussion And let us know.


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