Serpbook Review: Best Keyword Rank Tracker Seo Tool

If you Are A Blogger Then You Are Use Any Keyword Tracking to for check The Position of your keyword On Google Search engine.When I was Start My Blogging Journey Then I Used Free Seo tool to rank My Website. But After Few days I understand That free tools Never work and never give you real Time Data. So I invested to Serpbook Keyword Tracking Tool To track My Keywords To Checking Their position on google search engine results Pages.So this is My complete Honest Serpbook review.
No Matter you are New Or Pro Blogger This Tool is for everyone because its cheap and Easy to Understand And user friendly for everyone.So Lets Start and I will Covered in Detail all about serpbook features And How Its work.

Best Keyword Rank Tracker

No Doubt Their is So many Tool for Track Keyword Ranking.Some Of tool Are paid And some Are free. I never Suggest you to use free seo tools.if you want to Make your Blogging to next level Then Start With Paid Tool which are Cheap in price and Affordable. So i Am Suggest you to use Serpbook Because its easy to use and Cheap in Price.Everyone Afford money for his Cheap Package.

Serpbook  features

Because Start how to use serpbook i want to show you my Favorite Features Which Are serpbook provide.
1. Serpbook is Cheap In Price and Affordable
2. Track regional keywords, local keywords, Google Maps, and YouTube rankings
3. Daily updates to keyword Rank changes 
4. Easy and Understanble Awesome reporting dashboard to quickly see progress
5. Notification system  For ever seen in a keyword rank tracker
6. Serpbook provides monthly search volume 
7. Keyword suggestions 
8. Mobile keyword tracking Tool 
9. Tool provide Lots of table settings (customize Table for every piece of data you see)
10. Google Analytics integration ( You can Also Attach Google Analytics )

How to use Serpbook Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

This Tool Is easy to use. i am Attach Pictures So you can Understand Everything about This tool.Just take a look at images. When you Make Account On Serpbook Then You seen Dashboard Like that. At the Top On This Images take a look that First Column Is Keyword Up That Means How Many Keywords Are ranking Or Top Position for lifetime..In the Second Option You can see Top 3 Keywords Ranking position. That Means How Many Keywords Are Top 3 Position On google.Next one is Top 10 Position,
Then Next option you can See top 20 and top 30 and Top 100 pages..This tool is easy to use You can See their is An Option to Where Written Serpbook or +Track keywords with serpbook. When you  are Click on It Then you can Find An option to fill website Url or Any Post Or Poge Url.Fill Url To this Option and Then Press ok.
In First Column You can See Domain Where You could see those Url Which You are Adding. Second Option or Column Is Keywords. in this column You can See keywords Which are you adding with keywords. And Third is Position on Google search Engine , Bing Search Engine and yahoo Search Engine. 
You can See All the Dates and keyword Tracking report Which keywords Are up and Which Are down.This tool Provide you complete Report A to Z.
So i Hope You can Understand all About Serpbook keyword Tracker Tool How to use it. if you have Still not Understand that How to use it Then take a look in This video I will Cover Step by step guide How to use Serpbook.

Serpbook Pricing 

Serpbook Is Very cheap And Affordable packages For everyone.You can Select and Package According to your need.Take a look At this Bottom Image.
Packages Is in Different Category which is Personal, Professional, extreme , ultimate, Enterprice. So If you are Beginner Then i Suggest you to start with Personal Package. And Still You are Not Make Account on Serpbook then Sign up Now .
So At the Last it is My Complete review On Serpbook And If you have experience in using serpbook then Comment Here. And let me Know.Kindly Share this post.

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