Get paid for blog posts – 10 Blogs That Pay $100 an Article / Blog Post

paid guest blogging is among the very best and proven approaches to construct a robust online presence while earning a few great dollars from it.
And the way you are going to feel, should I say you’ll make $100+ using just one published article?
Yes, there are just a few blogs which pay $100 per article for every single top quality article delivered.
For bloggers and freelance authors, $100 per article is something that ought to be considered quite seriously.
So I believe that it is a fantastic way to make money online while keeping your enthusiasm for writing.
In the following article, I’ll present you to some great websites that pay you $100+ an article. You may click the hyperlinks to visit their website immediately. Make sure that you thoroughly read the submission instructions.

List of Blogs That Pay $100 per Article /Post

1. ListVerse

 Amount: $100                                                             Niche: General   
Payment Method: Paypal / Bitcoin
It’s one of the foremost authority of listicles.
ListVerse pays $100 each post. They are searching for specific lists literally about whatever. Your file must possess a minimum of 10 things and must include 1500+ phrases.
Also, they have the contributor bio attribute having a link back to your site. Here is the very best approach to achieve an audience of over 15 million subscribers a month.

2. The Penny Hoarder 

Amount: Up to $200                                                 Niche: Finance
Payment Method: Paypal
The Penny Hoarder is a significant site in the private finance market, which pays you up to $800 for each post.
They favor posts based on personal expertise with in-depth amounts, advice, and strategies regarding earning or saving cash. The period of the content can fluctuate from 700 — 900 words.

3. A Fine Parent

Amount: $100 (+$200 probable)                            Niche: Parenting                             
Payment Method: Paypal
This is only one of the best most parenting website that intends to cover virtually all of the elements of parenting and also help individuals to become better parents.
They’ll offer a list of subjects to compose. On that subject, you could write about your experiences and struggles of parenting or some other tips that will aid in wealthier parenting
You may get $100 per post with a preferable period of 1,500 — 3,000 words. There’s an opportunity to have a bonus of $200 if your post tops the list of most popular post of the year.


Amount: Upto $500                                                       Niche: Recipe/ Food
CookingRecipes is another great place to get paid for guest posting. This digital publication accepts articles related to food, nutrition, recipe, kitchen appliances and similar areas.
They pay $75 for 2000+ words articles, whereas the payment can go up to $120-160 for more in-depth ultimate guide (3000-4000 words) type articles.


Amount: $100                                                                  Niche – Blogging
If you are a person who can write in-depth tutorials and review about Genesis framework and WordPress, then SlickWP is the website where you can share you skills and get paid for that. The payment is $100 per published piece. You can write tutorials and reviews (preferably 1250-2000 words) about themes and plugins.


Amount: $150 – $200                                                      Niche – Travel
This website mostly focuses on travel writing, photography, tutorials and guides on how readers can earn money while travelling. They pay $50-75 for articles they request for the website.
But you can earn $100-150 for interviews and personal stories and $150-200 for articles with specific advice on how one can get paid to travel.

7. FreelanceMom

Amount: $75 – $100                                                      Niche – Blogging
Post Joint is a famed content publishing site that’s mostly focused on company case studies resources associated with promotion, personal growth, cash, social networking and lots of different areas this to help professional mothers.
They take paid guest articles using 900 — 1500 words and pays nicely because of that. You can make between $75 and $100 for a printed guest article on FreelanceMom.

8. WPHub

Amount: $100 – $200                                                        Niche – Web Design/ WordPress
Treehouse Website is a site which pays for composing a detailed article about website design trends, insights on the best-promoting WordPress plugins and themes, coding best practices associated with WordPress, and other similar concepts.
They take 800 to 1200 words content with relevant visuals. The payment is $100-200 per printed article.
Amount: $100                                                        Niche: Blogging/ Online Marketing
Payment Method: PayPal
This is a well-known website from the blogging market, as well as the owner of this site, is currently Darnell Jackson. YourOnline.Biz pays 100 per printed entry.
You have to compose detailed posts or even meeting a notable figure in the company domain name and get it printed on his website.
The report has to be of really high quality and written in your own words. So try to perform deep research before you begin writing.

10. WOW! Women on Writing

Amount: $50 – $150                                                         Niche – Blogging
This is a publishing site for those girls, from the women authors. It is also possible to receive your short author bio featured with a connection back to your website.
WOW prefers articles on how-to and tips content on publishing, writing, journalism, and reading. They pay $50 for quick posts whereas $150 to get 3000 phrases .


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